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We are ASEND – a highly specialised SEND-focused consulting, training and recruitment business established and run by SEND experts with long experience of working in schools, charities and local authorities. Our team of experts enable schools to create better provision for their SEND pupils and ensure progress. We do SEND, and only SEND.

ASEND believes in what it does, which is why we have such a highly qualified, experienced and committed team. No challenge is too big; no request is too small. Whether you need an assessment of one child, an audit of your SEND provision or to find great SEND staff, we will provide what you need.


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Barbara Ball

Managing Director

I established ASEND in 2011 as a response to the decline in specialist services offered to schools as part of Local Authority “austerity” measures. I was a senior SEND professional with over 30 years’ experience in the UK and globally: I had been a teacher of Deaf Children, a SENCo, held leadership positions within schools and local authorities, managed a multidisciplinary team including staff from Health and Social Care and had an independent consultancy practice.

6 years later, ASEND is a highly specialised SEND-focused consulting, training and recruitment business providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex issues faced by schools, charities and local authorities.

My vision for ASEND was – and remains – to provide a seamless service that enables schools to achieve excellence in their SEND provision and ultimately improve outcomes for children.

The quality of the provision is a product of the people providing it – that is why ASEND is structured to provide advice, specialist support, staff and training; enabling schools to have the information, expertise and people they need to improve outcomes. We offer unrivaled opportunities to our candidates and a personalised service to all our clients.

Ultimately, ASEND exists to help providers give children and young adults the opportunities they deserve – I’m looking forward to another year of improving outcomes.


ASEND has a strong team of over 150 specialists, all highly qualified and experienced in their fields within SEND. Take a look at some of our specialists’ profiles below.

Christine Alexander

An outstanding Headteacher for 23 years and a Primary inspector, Christine is a respected consultant and lead reviewer for Challenge Partners. She conducts reviews of governance and serves on IEBs.
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Catia Lemmi

Catia is a highly trained and experienced senior Clinical Psychologist, currently working at Great Ormond Street Hospital specialising in autism spectrum conditions and special needs.
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John Cane

A Senior Speech and Language Therapist, John has extensive experience of working in mainstream and special schools and staff training. He specialises in developing language and literacy, and on social communication.
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Fuyuko Takeda

Fuyuko has extensive experience as an Art Therapist with children with learning difficulties and mental health issues, in mainstream and special schools, PRUs, family centres, children’s hospitals and children’s homes.
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Jacqui Wolff

A teacher/assessor of children with Specific Learning Difficulties, Jacqui has worked at every level of education. She provides diagnostic assessments, assesses for examination Access Arrangements, runs training and advises schools.
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Miriam Winer

Miriam Winer has taught for over 20 years, ten years as Inclusion Manager/SENCo. She supports schools as consultant Inclusion Manager, mentors new SENCos, and provides support to school staff and families.
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Nicky Hawtin

Nicky is a Certified Play Therapist with significant experience working with children from a wide range of backgrounds and difficulties, improving emotional and mental health difficulties and behaviour.
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Sue Rush

Sue is an experienced consultant and trainer in safeguarding and child protection, as well as SEND and inclusive education. She has been a teacher and a local authority officer.
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Tonia Gann

An Educational Psychologist for over 20 years, Tonia provides a range of services including individual assessments for Education Health & Care Plans, advice to support learning and recommendations on educational provision.
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Barbara Firth

Barbara has many years’ experience as a senior leader with significant experience in Inclusion, as well as being a lead inspector, international trainer and accredited assessor for Inclusion Quality Mark.

ASEND. Building 3, North London Business Park,
London, N11 1GN.

Call us on 0203 668 1529 or drop us an email.

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